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About Us

Who We Are ?

Etlab is a campus management system from the team of Etuwa Concepts Pvt. Ltd. Etuwa Concepts is a team of inspired individuals with a vision, who are dedicated towards providing efficient technical solutions to its clients ranging from small scale or domestic users to high profile enterprises. We are happy to hold a strong client base in India and the Middle East, making steady and steep progress, expanding our territories - all credit to the organizations that were associated with us till date. Whatever be the realm of work our clients pursue, we expertise in figuring out the best technological solution or assistance and implementing it for them to empower their work force. We are motivated by the version that technology is rightly defined as something that makes life better. We believe that technology is not to be confined to theories, papers, books and libraries but instead, it must be implemented in practice thereby contributing to the society in the way it lives and works.

What We Do ?

In every single assignment, we understand the significance of immense contemplation in studying our firm and its computational and administrative requirements. Our aim is not to fit those requirements to a readymade conventional solution. But instead, we aim at synthesizing a custom made, well tailored solution in every case that addresses all its requirements along with the entire possible extra functionalities that can suit the purpose. This obviously helps our clients to work fast, accurately and efficiently. We provide solutions that help them save human resource through automation and assure reliability through error free computation. It can be very critical in cutting down the cost and is influential in optimizing the manipulation of resources including manpower. That is what we do for you, here at Etuwa.

Why Choose Us ?

We construct software and web products along with related consulting, training, education and support services. We provide all necessary support to aid you for an easy and smooth transition to the software from your manual routines. In fact, it is not just software that we design but rather a solution to your requirements.We render a wide spectrum of services to our clients like software applications in different platforms, networking services, database management solution, internet communication facilities etc.

Etlab Key Features