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Why Etlab ?

Etlab identifies you in person

Etlab implements a user specific login system, wherein each student and personnel that is associated with the institution has a unique login. The functionalities of each login are based on the role of the corresponding user in the institution. This enables the administrators, the faculties, the office staff, the students and the parents to interact with the system for their individual work and information.

Monitoring the academics

Etlab helps the faculties to comprehensively monitor, record and document all the academic aspects including attendance in classes and study programs, performance in assignments, series examinations and other curricular and extracurricular activities of all the students. Thus, generating soft and hard copies of all necessary information for performance analysis and office purposes becomes effortless.

Aiding the administration to perfection

Etlab gives an edge in addressing all the admisistrative requirements of the institution. It provides tools for department wise staff allocations, duty assignments, time tables and schedules and payroll management. It keeps track of fees transactions and due information assisting the clerical facet of administration.

Dealing with the resources

Various instruments and stationeries of a wide range of sophistication are inevitable for any institution, and especially those with laboratories and workshops. Managing these entities and making sure that everything is available as and when needed is very important. Etlab carries features like inventory manager and asset register to serve these tasks.

Elevating the effectiveness of Library

The Library is the most important asset of any institution and that is exactly the reason why Etlab gives a lot of attention in its library management tools. It provides remote login features for teachers students and staff with the help of which they can search, find and reserve their necessary reference materials. Complete details on each book, its slot in the library and its lending status are all available online. It helps monitor renewal dates and return deadlines. The standout feature is its compatibility with the most modern library management trends like DuraSpace, Moodle Etc.

Managing the accommodation and transport

Etlab understands the practical requisites of hostel management and transport service. It presents a lot of useful functions for room allocation, reserving transport for occasional needs and mess billing. The number of students in the hostel at any particular time can be accessed from anywhere. Information about leaves, hostel vacation and mess cancellation for holidays or absence are easily available for hostel authorities.

Being updated on the move

What makes Etlab so effective is the mobility that it offers. Users can access it on any of their mobile handsets and tablets with basic internet accessibility. The users neednt necessarily login on a computer. They can be synchronized with the system from wherever they are with their mobile or tablet. The remote and mobile access enhances the convenience factor of the system. Moreover, an SMS alert system is also assigned to work with it in for reminding deadlines or any other urgent information which may be needed.

Maintaining integrity and reliability

As our requirements include academic and some financial record maintenance, there can be no compromise ever on the authenticity, the correctness and the reliability of the system. Etlab is designed considering practical scenarios, common errors and usual burglars. This makes the system flawless and retains its integrity. Apart from other similar application, it is completely online which means the system stays perfectly intact in any cases of hardware failure at the office. It is armored with security measures like user specific login privileges, biometric and barcode based authentication etc. The system is constructed based on well thought out and reasoned logics and conditions which rules out any chance of unauthorized manipulation or records.

Etlab Key Features